Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics (HAAL)

2nd HAAL Research Forum


11 June 2007





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Prof. John Flowerdew

City University of Hong Kong

“Writing for scholarly publication in English in Hong Kong and China:

Reflections on an ongoing research project”

LT – N003


parallel sessions


LT – N003

Josephine Pui Suen Yam

(Hong Kong Shue Yan University)

“A study of English

pronunciation teaching in

Hong Kong

LT - N002

Icy Lee

(University of Hong Kong)

“Feedback in writing:

Mismatches between teachers’ beliefs and practice”



LT - N001

Lixun Wang

(Hong Kong Institute of Education)

“E-C Concord: a parallel concordancing tool

for language teaching and learning”



Hans J. Ladegaard

(Hong Kong Baptist University)

“Stereotypes and the discursive accomplishment of ingroup-outgroup cohesiveness:

Talking about ‘the other’ in

global business communication”


Darren A. Bryant

(University of Hong Kong)

“From origins to sustainability:

Native-speaking teachers as an innovation”

Liming Deng

(City University of

Hong Kong)

“Fostering learner autonomy through meta-cognitive strategy training in EFL



Sylvia Xiao Chen

(City University of Hong Kong/South China Normal University)

“Referential pattern in Chinese 

EFL learners’

oral narratives”


Simon Chan

(University of Hong Kong)

“Consciousness-raising tasks for

second language grammar instruction:

Potential in the local secondary context”




Miao Yang

(Chinese University of

Hong Kong)

“English curriculum

innovation from

the activity theory perspective”


Emily N. K. Lui

(Chinese University of

Hong Kong)

“Strategic use of teacher

feedback by

university students in

Hong Kong


Jing Huang

(University of Hong Kong)

“Out of class language learning:

The dynamics of agendas,

agencies and autonomy”


Andy Xuesong Gao

(University of Hong Kong) “Mainland Chinese students’ strategic language learning efforts in Hong Kong: Focusing on learning context”



Kim Hughes Wilhelm & 

Betty Pei Chen

(University of Macau & University of Shenzhen, PRC)

 “Student and teacher perceptions regarding English Instruction at three Chinese Universities”

Ming Cherk Lee

(National University of Singapore)

“Managing classroom interaction in a writing classroom”


Lisa Cheung

(University of Hong Kong)

“The use of a Web Bulletin Board to foster knowledge building: A corpus linguistic approach”


Joanne Chuk

(Hong Kong Institute of Education)

“Learning to teach and teaching to learn:

Student teachers’ autonomous development

in the Chinese EFL context”








Wenfeng Wang (University of Hong Kong)

“A comparison between NMET 2007 and

NMET 2006

with reference to the new curriculum”

LT - N002

Ming Yu Laura Man

(Chinese University of

Hong Kong)

“A comparison of the

metaphors in the business

sections of The Oriental

Daily News and The


LT – N001

Wing Man Chan

(Chinese University of Hong Kong)

“Acquisition of the English Article System by Hong Kong students”




 Citing Li

(University of Hong Kong)

“Chinese and English speakers’ linguistic choices and politeness orientation in requesting strategies”



Carissa M. Y. Young

(Macau University of Science & Technology)

“Are Native English-speaking Teachers a Must at MUST?”


Kasina Ka Sin Wong

(Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)

“Providing feedback on students’ writing:

A case study of WAC tutors’ beliefs and practices”


Ricky Lam

(Community College, City

University of Hong Kong)

“Implementing portfolio based assessment in higher

education: Students’



Anping He

(South China Normal University, PRC)

“Corpus aided analysis of EFL textbooks

in mainland China




Edward Zhiseng Wen

(Chinese University of

Hong Kong)

“Working memory in L2 task-based

speech planning and performance”


Ruiying Niu

(University of Hong Kong)

“Effect of task types and task roles on L2 vocabulary acquisition in collaborative output:

A quasi-experimental study”



Danli Li

(Hong Kong Baptist University) “Scaffolding in learning target forms in Chinese EFL classrooms”


Jane Xiaoyan Xia

(University of Hong Kong)

“Basic-level salience in L2 vocabulary learning”



Benjamin Li & Ina Siu

(Hong Kong Institute of Education)

“Pedagogical innovations in primary EFL classrooms in the PRC: case studies in the less-privileged areas”


Jane Lung

(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

“Frames for writing in the academy:

Investigating assignment instructions”



Aiden dela-Cruz-Yeh

(Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Taiwan)

“Collaborative blended learning project on

World Englishes II:

Making it work across boundaries”



Elza Tsang

(Hong Kong University of

Science & Technology)

“Turning the L2 writing classroom to

a reflective practicum”



David Carless

(University of Hong Kong)

“Assessment and productive student learning:

Does summative assessment have to be a barrier?”



Yongyan Li

   (Nanjing University)

“Studying Chinese doctoral science students

writing for international publication:

Methods, theories and issues”



Marc Zhichang Xu

(Hong Kong Institute of Education)

“Analyzing ‘Interactive Electronic Discourse’ (IED):

Decoding ‘blackboard’ online synchronous discussion forum Data”


May Fan

(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

“Learning by doing a group research project:

Voices of the students”






China as an ELT Powerhouse”


Yafu Gong, He Ane & Yongyan Li

University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Education, & Nanjing University


LT – N003


Updated 21 May 2007