Each presentation will be 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute period for questions and discussion. To ensure that the Research Forum runs smoothly, please ensure that you keep to this time limit.

Five minutes before your time is up, a timekeeper will remind you that you only have 5 minutes left. You’ll receive another reminder when only a minute is left.

All presentations must be on PowerPoint. Bring your presentation on a USB clip drive. Bring a back-up version on a CD-ROM. We’ll provide laptop/notebook computers.

You will not be introduced. So please include your name, affiliation, a bio statement, and e-mail in the first slide.

  As you plan your presentation, keep in mind that 20 minutes is just enough time to present a few major points with one or two examples for each point. If you are planning to report on a large-scale project, such as your doctoral research, consider focusing on one or two most important or interesting aspects of the study.

  If you feel you have more details than you can present in 20 minutes, consider providing some of the details on a handout.

  Details of the method, intricate tables and figures, and long quotes are often more effectively presented on handouts rather than on the screen.

   Use a font larger than 24 point Times New Roman. Light-colored fonts on dark background is easier to read on the screen than black text on white background.

  Unless you are an experienced presenter who has developed a good sense of time, practice and time your presentation beforehand. During an oral presentation, time goes much faster than most presenters realize. Use the “Rehearse” function on PowerPoint as you plan your presentation. About 20 slides would be appropriate for a 20-minute presentation.

Follow the conceptual framework of the abstract in content and format. Attendees choose the session they will attend based upon the 200-word description that appears in the program book, and are disappointed when the presentation bears little resemblance to the published abstract.