Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics (HAAL)

4th HAAL Conference

HK Polytechnic University

25 June 2011





Designing a Culturally Responsive English Curriculum for Hong Kong Students: Capitalizing on Popular Culture Genres and Themes


Dr. Angel Lin


Faculty of Education

The University of Hong Kong



How to make English interesting and relevant to students? How to engage students in English lessons in Hong Kong?  If students have come from a background where English does not serve any everyday communicative purposes, English lessons tend easily to focus mainly on textbook drills for tests and exams.


In this presentation, I shall share our experience in a 3-year school-based curriculum development project.  In this project we worked with teachers in a secondary school to design a culturally responsive English language arts enrichment curriculum for junior secondary students.  Apart from discussing the theory and practice of ‘culturally responsive curriculum’ that have informed our curriculum design, a non-intrusive, supportive model of teacher-researcher collaboration in curriculum and pedagogical transformation is also discussed.  This model has been found to suit the local needs and situation of teachers in Hong Kong.  Implications for future TESOL curriculum work will also be discussed.



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