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Welcome to the HAAL Homepage. HAAL is a professional, non-political organization of about 100 applied linguists working together to promote applied linguistics in Hong Kong. Membership of HAAL entitles you to

  • attendance at seven seminars every year;
  • participation in a Research Forum every few years;
  • grants for overseas conference presentations (for student members);
  • affiliation with MELTA* International Association; and
  • participation in an annual social event
* In May 2013, HAAL signed a formal Memorandum of Understanding with MELTA (The Malaysian English Language Teaching Association). The memorandum was exchanged in Johor Bahru at the 22nd Malaysian English Language Teaching Association International Conference by HAAL treasurer Fiona Hyland and the MELTA president. The memorandum allows HAAL and MELTA to enter into collaborative activities and to support each other’s conferences. 

Non-members are welcome to attend seminars, but they should be prepared for the approach of our Hon. Sec. brandishing an application form.

The annual membership fee is HK$100. For full-time students, only $50. Please go to the Membership page to download the application form.
Please direct HAAL inquiries to: [email protected] (Mable Chan) or using this online form.

Attendance Certificate: Any teacher who wishes to get a letter of attendance for their attendance at a HAAL seminar can contact Mable Chan at: [email protected]