HAAL Seminar (October 3, 2017)


Date:                         Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Venue:                       AG434, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Time:                         AGM at 5:30 ; seminar at 6:00 pm

Is that really EMI?
Diane Pecorari
Department of English, City University of Hong Kong

   English-medium instruction (EMI) is a rapidly growing phenomenon. It’s also a term which is used extremely broadly, to cover contexts as far-flung as EAP provision in English L2 environments, the international student experience in English inner circle universities, and content-and-language-integrated learning (CLIL) in primary and secondary schools. The first part of this talk will examine the various forms of instruction which are (sometimes) labelled EMI. The second part will look at case studies from different contexts to understand the forms of EMI which best capture the unique affordances of language and content integration. It will conclude by outlining ways in which improved outcomes can be attained by more reflective and conscious choices among these various models.

Diane Pecorari is Professor of English and Head of the Department of English 11at City University of Hong Kong. Her research has investigated aspects of English for academic purposes and second-language writing (including source use and plagiarism), and the widespread and growing phenomenon of English medium instruction.
She has taught courses in linguistics, academic writing and professional communication. In addition, she has designed and taught professional skills development courses for university teachers who want to work pedagogically to address plagiarism by helping students develop into capable, confident writers, and for teachers who want to work effectively in the English-medium classroom.
Her publications include Academic writing and plagiarism: A linguistic analysis (Bloomsbury) and Teaching to avoid plagiarism (Open University Press).

Refreshments Served. All are Welcome with Limited Seats Available.
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Following the seminar, you are invited to a self-paying dinner with the speaker. Thank you.

HAAL would like to thank the Department of English at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University for their generous support to HAAL events.