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Dear Colleagues,

We are very pleased to announce that this year, YE, Xuejun (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), will receive the HAAL Award for the Best Journal Article Published by a Novice Scholar for her paper, "Teachers’ stated beliefs and practices regarding L2 motivational strategies: A mixed-methods study of misalignment and contributing factors" (published in System).

In addition, two postgraduate students will receive the HAAL Postgraduate Student Grant for Overseas Conference Presentation. They are Yan, Jiahao from The Education University of Hong Kong (Title: Empowering novice writers’ citation competence in literature review writing through corpus technology: A mixed-method study) and HOU, Yiran from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Title: Chinese women’s heteroglossic text-making practices online: A discourse-centred online ethnography of two women’s social media practices).

Congratulations to all of the awardees! Well done!

The three award recipients will be invited to share their interesting research on 16 May 2024.

Best wishes,

Barry Bai

President of HAAL

For the Best Journal Article Published by a Novice Scholar

This annual award (previously Fawzia Braine Memorial Award), amounting to HK$2,500, is made in recognition of a novice scholar (postgraduate student or a recent graduate) of a university in Hong Kong for a paper published in an international refereed journal in applied linguistics.


  • Applicants should be enrolled, full- or part-time, at a university in Hong Kong or have graduated from a Hong Kong university within one year of the closing date for applications.

  • Applicants should be current members of HAAL.

  • The article should have been published in an international refereed journal in applied linguistics in the year for which the award is made.

  • The article should be in English.

  • Single author articles are preferred for the award. In articles with multiple authors, the applicant should be the first author.

  • Applications are accepted till April 12 of 2024.

  • The decision of the HAAL Executive Committee on this award is final.

Application Procedure

Completed application forms together with softcopy of the published (or published online prior to its printed version) article/s submitted for the award should be sent to Prof. Barry Bai at

Amount of Grant

HK$2,500 per year. The grant will not be split.

HAAL best paper Award- 2024 application form
Download DOCX • 62KB


Application Period

Applications are accepted till April 12 of 2024.

Applications should be made at least four weeks before the conference.

Application Procedure

Completed applications should be sent to Prof. Barry Bai ( together with a copy for each of the following:

  • the conference pamphlet or announcement,

  • an abstract of the paper(s) accepted for presentation at the conference,

  • the formal notification (e-mail can be accepted) of such acceptance by the conference organiser(s)

Incomplete application will NOT be considered.


An applicant must

- be a current member of HAAL - has been a HAAL member for at least 12 months at the time of application, and - be a full- or part-time postgraduate student at a university in Hong Kong.


Applicants who have been awarded the grant before may not apply. Preference will be given to those applicants who do not receive other source of financial support.

Amount of Grant

HK$3,000 (three thousand) per year. HAAL reserves the right to split this grant so that more than one applicant may benefit.


The paper presented at the conference should acknowledge the support of this grant.

PG-Grant_2024 application form
Download DOCX • 25KB

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